The contents of this blog are my own observations and are not representative of the opinions of Engineers Without Borders. My writings on this blog are observations and lessons I've garnished over my time here in Malawi. I don't expect to ever have completely comprehensive knowledge about what I'm writing and will continue to learn. For this reason I reserve the right to contradict myself and change my opinion as well as publish unpolished and half formed ideas and dialog.

It is important to note the distinction between Engineers Without Borders Canada and Engineers Without Borders USA. Unless specified all references to EWB refer to EWB Canada.

I really do enjoy feedback and would love any and all questions to be left in the comments or emailed to me at danking (at) ewb (dot) ca.

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  1. Hi Dan, thanks for writing to me from Ghana - I'm happy to support EWB's programs. In fact, I was in your shoes the summer of 2008 in ghana so feel free to get in touch again if there is anything I can do to help.
    - Shyam